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Beaver Builders was established in early 2019 and we're very eager to hit the ground running with acquiring new jobs and meeting the customers highest satisfaction. Being a new company may seem like a downside but it motivates us as a company to do high quality work and have an excellent customer relationship so they refer us to their friends and family. We're committed to doing the job the right way and even if it requires a few more hours, it will leave the homeowner happy for years to come!

Our team

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Owner + Operator

Kole simm

I grew up just outside of Guelph and went to Wilfrid Laurier for geography. I've worked outside my whole life helping my dad and grandfather with jobs around the house and cottage. I worked in the construction industry the past few years for a company based in Guelph. I've always had an entrepreneur drive so I was motivated to work for myself.  

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Luke Mcminn

Luke is a great asset to the building team. He always brings a great attitude and his humour to the jobsite.

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Design + Support

Tait wilman

Tait is a behind the scenes rock. Her tremendous work with illustrator and other design work has been crucial in establishing the branding. She has also been awesome person to bounce ideas off of as she's also in the construction industry.

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